Brismo is a Fintech platform with the aim of becoming the standard for lending performance. They wanted to give themselves a new look after raising funds for more growth, and contacted us for branding work that would reflect their vision.




Brand Guidelines

Website design


We decided to change the brand name to Brismo. Brism is an old Welsh word meaning prism, which seemed like a fitting emblem for how information is processed and disseminated throughout this platform.
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Bold with a simple aesthetic, the logo was inspired by the shape of a prism. With it we created a coherent colour scheme from the basic colours that make up light. We gave the company an attractive corporate look - one that would appeal to the target audience.
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We created a concise set of branding guidelines that would allow the company to maintain its signature across all platforms. At the same time, we expanded the brand through advertisements and promotional materials, as well as designing both offline and online assets.
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