Eddies is a newly established burger fast food chain in London.




Brand Application

Brand Guidelines

Promotional video and animation

Our analysis led us to create a strategic positioning for the burger chain, as well as consider colors that would reflect well on the high street while allowing the brand logo to stand out.
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After closely evaluating the proposed location for the new restaurant we came to the conclusion that having a fun but also classy personality was necessary in order to stand out among other restaurants of the same genre. We looked at the colours and branding on both the outside and inside of the store, as well as what type of clientele it could attract based on its proximity to other stores.
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We designed a quirky and vivacious branding system. With the use of various stylised fonts and graphical assets, we created an easily-identifiable signature for the restaurant. In addition to these, we also made proposals for the website design, photography style and motion graphics.
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