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Built by Content is a new agency offering content, marketing and SEO strategy for tech businesses.

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Promotional video and animation

As the focus of the agency was on content and marketing, we kept the design focussed on the logotype to give the business a unique look and feel against competitors.
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We wanted to design a brand that would appear contemporary and modern. The brand also had to represent an agency with creative ideas focused on software/technology and incorporate a color palette appropriate for this purpose.
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We developed a symbol based on the acronym of the name. We used the concept of motion, cogs moving to make things work. The circular shapes form the letters help convey these cogs in motion. This concept allowed us to explore interesting logo animations further giving the brand character and appeal. We designed a set of social media templates as well as a CMS enabled website for our client. Our clients were given all the tools needed to successfully launch their business and begin pitching for work.
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