VAST contacted us looking for a new branding strategy to accompany their technology solutions geared towards the retail industry.




Brand Application

Brand Guidelines

Promotional video and animation

Our goal from the start was to design a brand that exemplified technology. We wanted it to look sleek and polished for clients so they could trust the brand as a leading supplier of technological products.
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We designed a custom font for the company's logo, and developed an abstract geometric shape symbolizing three-dimensional space. We did this in order to show consumers how VAST could use its extensive experience to provide innovative yet cohesive design solutions for the retail spaces where they will do business. Combined with creative images and typography, we wanted the new brand to stand out among competitors.
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We created a sleek and stylish website for the business. We made sure to include all of the necessary information about their services and case studies so that visitors would be able to understand what they offer.
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